About us

ClocksXL by Ch. Dahlinger is a supplier of wall clocks for commercial purposes. We design, develop and manufacture wall clocks in accordance with our customers’ specifications.



Ch. Dahlinger is an international provider of high end packaging and displays products for lifestyle and luxury goods. We are the market leader in the retail segment for watches and jewellery. For key accounts, Ch. Dahlinger designs, develops and produces packaging with high standards of workmanship, punctuality and service. The family-run company, based in Lahr in the Black Forest region, has been in existence since 1871 and is currently in its fifth management generation.

Today, under the name of ClocksXL, Ch. Dahlinger offers wall clocks as – depending on the level of detail – an identical reproduction of the existing watch or in personalised form based on an existing case.

Ch. Dahlinger’s production facilities are located predominantly in the Far East. Coupled with technical assistance and project management at the respective production site, we implement permanent deadline compliance and quality control checks to make sure that shipments reach the customer on time and at the right level of quality.